Welcome to News Nishikie

www.newsnishikie.com and the related domain websites
yoshabunko.com, steamyeast.com, konketsuji.com, and wetherall.org
have been reconfigured to work together without using domains.

To access News Nishikie on the new, integrated configuration,
please click the following link, which will direct you to

All links to content on Yosha Bunko and related websites
now begin with "wetherall.sakura.ne.jp" -- which specifies
the "wetherall" account on a server managed by "sakura.ne.jp".
Each website has its own directory on the root of this account.
And all websites are now directly linked relative to the root,
rather than to their name domains, which will be retired.

The Gateway to all websites affiliated with Yosha Bunko is

Because all Yosha Bunko websites are now linked through a common root,
navigating from a page on one site to a page on another is much smoother.
More importantly, thumb drive and other copies of the Yosha Bunko websites
can now be viewed and explored off-line without connecting to any server.