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Yosha Bunko
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Yosha Bunko

Nichinichi shinbun
No. 6
Widow and daughter

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Osaka nichinichi shinbun No. 254.

There is nothing more trying in this world than poverty. An Osaka woman and her daughter are living together but have no income and not even a little smoke rises from their home. On the night of December 27, sick in bed and being cared for by her daughter, the mother, bearing her miserable pain, leaves home, throws herself from Sankyubashi, and dies. Her daughter, susprised to find her sick mother gone, goes looking for her, and hearing of her fate, she flies into the water from the same bridge, but falls onto a small boat and is cared for by the boatmaster, a man named Gonbei, who urges her to live.

This drawing shows the daughter falling on the boat.

Series: Nichinichi shinbun
Number: 6
Story date: c1875
Story source: not given
Drawer: Sadanobu II
Carver: Kyuichi
Writer: unsigned
Size: vertical chuban
Image: Yosha Bunko