Series: Osaka nishikiga shinwa
Number: 10
Story date: c1875
Story source: Yomiuri shinbun No. 85
Publisher: Awabun
Drawer: Sadanobu II
Writer: Daisuido Risho (Hasegawa Sadanobu II)
Size: vertical chuban
Image: Yosha Bunko
Osaka nishikiga shinwa
No. 10
Grandma's got milk

The story begins with an allusion to a Chinese parable about a daughter-in-law who breast feeds her mother-in-law when she is unable to eat. Then it relates the story, reported in Yomiuri shinbun No. 85, of a grandmother in her seventies who is able to produce milk from her wrinkled breasts for a grandchild born in 1874 to a mother who then died.

Other news nishikie relate stories in which a deceased mother's ghost comes back to nurse a baby.

Tsuchiya 1995:216, 218-219