Yosha Bunko

The angularity of prints off the same blocks may slightly vary, but not conspicuously, and never to the extent seen here. This is not the result of uneven shrinking of the paper when drying. All copies of this issue show the same tappering at the bottom, which means the key block, if not also the original drawing, was irregular.

Tokyo nichinichi shinbun
No. 40
   1872-5-10 (1874-9)
Tobacco for photograph

Story in brief

Danjuro, after a performance of Benkei, is visited in his dressing room by a yojin (ocean person = foreigner), who offers the actor several cigarettes for permission to take his photograph. (WW)

See Danjuro as as Kibi, an envoy sent to China during the Tang dynasty, in TNS-917a Danjuro as Kibi.