Yosha Bunko
Ono Collection

Tokyo nichinichi shinbun
No. 911b
   1875-1-18 (1875-1?)
Sakura repells robbers

Story translation

Sakura Kikuzo, who resides in 1-banchi of Mita-shikoku-machi, has incessantly been a man whose liver is settled [nerves are steady], and when after eight on the night of this past 14th day three men pushed their way in, two of them, wearing long swords of over three shaku [feet], threatened him, shouting for him to hand over all his gold and silver, and when he opened a drawer of his tansu [chest of drawers] he suddenly pulled out a white blade [naked sword] and thrust it before the noses of the robbers, and the robbers, surprised by this unforeseen turn, panicked and ran off.


[Translated by William Wetherall]


Mita-shikoku-machi, created in 1872 within the Mita area of Tokyo, and later known as Shiba Mita-shikoku-machi, was integrated into the Shiba area of Minanto ward in 1964.