Ono Collection
Nishigaki Bunko
Yosha Bunko
Fire and clothing

The Ono Collection copy shows more red in the fire. Stripes and other parts of clothing that are green on the Ono copy are brown on the Nishigaki and Yosha copies. The Yosha copy appears darker because it is dirty.

Tokyo nichinichi shinbun
No. 1016
   1875-05-18 (No seal)
Husband can't take heat

Story translation

"The matter of the note.

I was left in bed by the woman. I'm ashamed by what people will think. Now I'm going to set fire to the house and [she] will burn to death with me, but the two [of us] will not be together. Dig the ashes and there will be my body.
Shugetsu Kodo Shinshi.
Common name Otani Yasugoro.

He had put these silly sentences together and left [the note] attached to a post." (WW)

To be continued.

Written by Tentendō

[Translated by William Wetherall]