Yosha Bunko

Tokyo nichinichi shinbun
No. 1045 (1)
   1875-06-15/19? (1875-08)
Demons and dumplings

Story in brief

An elderly couple known for their scrimpy ways had saved 500 yen by the time the old man died, leaving orders to bury the money with him. At the urging of relatives an empty purse was put in the casket. On the occasion of the 7th-day memorial the old lady received some bean jam dumplings from some relatives but forgot to eat them. That night two demons, one red and one green, claiming to be messengers of Enma, ordered the old lady to give them the money, as because the money was not put in the old man's casket he would be going to hell. While the old lady was fetching the money the demons ate the bean jam dumplings, spit up blood, and died. On closer examination they turned out to be other relatives. (WW)

Story translation


Written by Tentendō Ransen

[Translated by William Wetherall]