Yosha Bunko
Yubin hochi shinbun
No. 614b -- 1875-3-15
Tokyo officers nab armed robber

Kobayashi Masakichi, an armed robber from Iyonokuni, in present-day Ehime prefecture, is discovered in Koume, now Mukojima in Sumida ward in Tokyo. Patrolmen apprehend him, but not without a chase and struggle. (WW)

Print information

Series: Yubin hochi shinbun
Number: 614b
Source: Hochi No. 614, 1875-3-15
Date: 1875-8 (seal)
Publisher: Kinshodo
Drawer: Taiso Yoshitoshi
Carver: Horiko Gin
Writer: Shorin Hakuen
Size: Oban
Image: Yosha Bunko

Principal sources

Listed but not shown in Keyes 1982 (page 405, No. 37), van den Ing and Schaap 1992 (page 114, No. 37), and Tsuchiya 1995 (page IX, No. 614b). Inexplicably not included in either image database or table on Tsuchiya 2000. Copy shown in CCMA 2008 (page 174, Rikken Collection).