Yubin hochi shinbun
No. 649 -- 1875-4-24
Man kills wife and her ex husband

Twenty-three-old Owei abandons her husband, Suzuki Tokujiro, and their daughter to become the wife of Sakwan Toyokichi, a man in the neighborhood she had been seeing at night. Owei, who has trouble containing her interest in other men, also leaves Sakwan.

Eventually Owei returns to Suzuki, an Asakusa maker of hemp-soled straw sandals. Sakwan, who had paid Suzuki 15 yen to marry Owei, breaks into Suzuki's home, where he fatally injures the couple and also hurts their daughter. (WW)

YHS 649 -- Presumed original edition
Yosha Bunko
YHS 649 -- Presumed revised editon
Yosha Bunko

Recarved variation

This print is particularly interesting because there are two somewhat different versions. The bloodier version appears to be the original, hence I am calling it YHS 649-1. The less-bloody version appears to be more common and, judging from its quality, the more recent, hence it is YHS 649-2.

While there is less quite a bit less blood in the presumed second version, the main point of interest is the recarving and recoloring of parts of the man's garb. Note the different directions of the stripes on his blouse. (WW)

Print information

Both versions

Series: Yubin hochi shinbun
Number: 649
Source: Hochi No. 649, 1875-4-24
Date: 1875-8 (seal)
Publisher: Kinshodo
Drawer: Taiso Yoshitoshi
Carver: Horita
Writer: Unsigned
Size: Oban
Image: Yosha Bunko

Principal sources

Print listed in Tsuchiya 1995 (page IX, No. 649) and Tsuchiya 2000 (No. 649). Variation YHS 649-1 is shown on Tsuchiya 2000 (No. 649, National Diet Library). Variation YHS 649-2 is shown in CCMA 2008 (page 179, Rikken Collection) as No. 649.

The different versions were first reported on this website in August 2004 shortly after they were acquired by Yosha Bunko.