Copped and cropped from Kanbara Bunko
Yubin hochi shinbun
No. 702 -- 1875-6-22
Cop Busts Bare Boobs 1

See the Osaka version of this story in
Yubin hochi shinbun Nishikiga No. 11.

On the clear afternoon of the 18 day of the 7th month [July 18], which was cloudy in the morning, the geisha (W ) Amanoya Ofuta, upon returning from watching the Asakusa Sanja festival, said This is unbearable, and stripped off her obi and kimono . . . . (WW)

The lead of this Tokyo version does not flow as well as the lead of the Yubin hochi shinbun nishikiga version. The date in the Osaka version, 18 June, is exactly one month earlier than the date in this version, which seems to be incorrect, since the article on which the story is based was published in the 22 June issue of Yubin hochi shinbun.

The name of the geisha, or of the house for which she worked, is Amanoya in this version, and Onoya in the Osaka nishikie version. (WW)

Print information

Size oban
Printed circa 1875
Drawn by Yoshitoshi
Written by San'yutei Encho
Carved by Horiko Gin
Published by Kinshodo

Principal sources

Yosha Bunko.