First editon with "shinbun" and "shinbunkyoku"
Series: Kanzen choaku nishikiga shinbun
Number: 20
Story date: a1875-6-3
Story source: not given
Publisher: Fujii Jishusha
Drawer: Yoshitaki
Carver: unsigned
Writer: Jishusha
Size: horizontal chuban
Image: Yosha Bunko
Kanzen choaku nishikiga shinbun
No. 20
Officer saves couple

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Shinbun zue No. 20.

21-year-old Mori Sokichi and 42-year-old Oshizu, mother of Nakajima Tokujiryo, employed three or four years ago as weavers in a Kyoto textile factory owned by Sasaki Seijiro, became very close. Then Sokichi got sick and couldn't work, and Oshizu herself was having a hard time. On 3 June the couple set off for Osaka, ostensibly to see the sights, but really just to get away, not quite knowing if they would return. At length they resolved to die, but a police officer spotted them throwing themselves off the Tenjinbashi, and luckily (saiwai ni) they were rescued and returned to Kyoto.

Here the couple is shown on the bridge, anguishing over what they are about to do. (WW)