Series: Shinbun zue
Number: 20
Story date: a1875-6-5
Story source:
Publisher: Yaozen
Drawer: Sadanobu II
Writer: unsigned
Size: vertical chuban
Image: Tsuchiya 1999
Shinbun zue
No. 20
Officer saves couple

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Kankyo kanzen choaku nishikiga shinbun No. 20.

Mori and Oshizu, who plunged off Tenjinbashi in Osaka about three in the morning of 5 June, are shown being resuscitated and cared for by the officer who rescued them, and others. What appear to be human souls are floating in the air. The souls are those of others who have died from plunges off the same bridge. They seem to suggest how close the couple came to transmigration. (WW)